we are closely connected with pilot boat, tugboat, Line Handling and cargo-working company for a smooth working process and safe voyage of the vessels that arrive at and depart from Pusan port for the purpose of cargo discharging, loading, repairing, ship’s stores supply, bunkering and etc. and we labor for the convenience and good of the ship’s owner and the mother ship by minimizing unnecessary loss of time and business.
Also, if a vessel arrives at or departure from outside of Pusan port, we appoint a regional marine agency and try our best to make a smooth working progress.
  we come into close relation with the government and public offices such as the Office of Customs Administration, the immigration Bureau, a quarantine station, the Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Office to cope with legal and institutional restriction issued on a vessel’s arrival and departure on Pusan port.
  we take charge of the arrival and departure of the sailors on the mother boat and the passengers in a passing boat for the purpose of home-coming or transferring into the other working area.
  we are furnishing a vessel with vessel supplies promptly and accurately via domestic or overseas ordering even though the port of call of the vessel is domestic port only or foreign port only if the vessel are in need of vessel supplies.
  For bunkering of F/O, MGO, LUB. Oil and so forth which is needed for plying a vessel, we are seeking for the best quality service with lower price in cooperation with several relevant companies.
  We are always observing and managing the working process of the vessel coming into Pusan port and trying to do our best on any issues which can be occurred during the working process for smooth negotiation process among ship’s owner, the mother ship and goods holder.